Are You producers or dealers?
We produce all the cigarette holders that are represented on this site.

Are cigarette holders the subject to mandatory certification?
No, according to the current legislation sales and production of cigarette holders is not the subject to mandatory certification.

Are there any age restrictions in cigarette holders sales?
No age restrictions. In fact, cigarette holders a re considered to souvenirs and souvenirs are not under tobacco legislation.

Why are the prices for cigarette holders are so high/low?
The price depends on the materials used and the production itself. Our prices are rather low, so that every smoker could allow him-/herself a cigarette holder. I would like to emphasize that inspite of the low prices we offer the highest quality and the uniqueness of the cigarette holders thanks to the 20 years experience in this sphere. It allows us to be the leaders in production and in sales of cigarette holders not only in Russia but also in the world.

So, what are positive features of cigarette holders and what are their advantages?
We will just list the advantages and You will define Yourself the most important features for You. They are:

  • smoking with cigarette holders cool the smoke that gives the tobacco smoke unusual mildness;
  • when you are smoking, tobacco tars are accumulated inside a cigarette holder and don't get into Your lungs, therefore the direct harm to Your health is reduced;
  • Your hands will never smell of tobacco and Your nails will never turn yellow;
  • a cigarette (especially a roll-up) will never break in Your hands during smoking;
  • those who love roll-ups do not need to buy
  • additional filters — they can use simple cigarette holders as well as holders with replaceable filters that purify the tobacco smoke;
  • a cigarette holder is an excellent addition to Your style and a possibility to distinguish Yourself among other smokers;

What is the difference between the cigarette holders produced by You and other cigarette holders on the market?
The main difference is that our cigarette holders are of perfect quality and beauty. We use only selected and time-proved materials: briar, natural pressed amber, ebonite, whale teeth. Every cigarette holder, produced by us, is notable for its exquisite style to serve not only as a practical accessory but also as a fine element of a smoker's style. We guarantee that our production will not disappoint You and give You pleasure for many years.

Do You give a guarantee to Your production?
Yes, a guarantee for any type of a holder is one year, if You used a cigarette holder properly. The guarantee does not concern the cases when a cigarette holder is broken or scratched because of any outside influence.

How often a cigarette holder should be cleaned and what device should be used to do it?
A cigarette holder should be cleaned after every 5-10 smoking acts with a special pipe brush. You can find such brushes almost in every tobacco shop. You can also buy them from us together with a cigarette holder.

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