Carved cigarette holder "Lizard" (art. 1223)

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Length (inches):
Length (mm):
Weight (oz):
Weight (g):
Inner diameter:
0.3" (7.6 mm) - regular size
Filter type:
Without filter
  • briar (Spain)
  • acrylic (Germany)
  • boxwood (Germany)
  • brass (Russia)
  • practical and stylish case
  • one pack of cleaners
  • themed gift bag
  • certificate for the cigarette holder
  • discount on your next order
  • free worldwide shipping


Cigarette holder is the most popular and stylish accessory for smokers already for many years. But cigarette holder - is not just beautiful and fashionable thing, it helps to actually reduce the harm from smoking for your health. Consider the main benefits from the use of a cigarette holder:

Passing through the smoke channel, tobacco smoke is cooled and has less thermal effect on the mucous membranes of the mouth and lungs. You never burn hot smoke!

Part tobacco tar deposited on the inner walls of the smoke channel of cigarette holder and does not get into your lungs!

Your fingers and fingernails will never turn yellow and will not smell of tobacco!

The cooled smoke has a less harmful impact on the enamel of your teeth!

The taste of tobacco smoke gets richness and softness!

If you smoke hand-rolled cigarettes or cigarettes without filter (for example, Camel or Lucky Strike), then when smoking through the cigarette holder You will forget about getting into particles of tobacco in his mouth!

Cigarette holder fully complements your smoker style!