About Company


Shishkin Family Manufacture — is a family manufacture that was launched in 1992. Nowadays it consists of Boris Shishkin and his son, Anton Shishkin.

Boris Shishkin was born in 1959. Since 1992 smoking pipes and cigarette holders manufacture is his main occupation and hobby.

Anton Shishkin was born in 1987. In 2011 he joined his father's business.

Also, you can find us at the Etsy: Etsy Shop

Seven principles of our work

  • We are proud of our production
  • We make every our cigarette holders elegant and of the highest quality
  • We like to give pleasure to our customers
  • We use our own long-term experience and technology
  • We use only high quality materials
  • We use only accurate and professional tools
  • We constantly produce new and unique cigarette holders

Essential elements

Name: Individual Entrepreneur Shishkin B.O.

PSRN (Primary State Registration Number): 318/774-6000/57/561

TIN (Tax Identification Number): 77/234-232-64/68

Settlement Account (rubles only): 408/02/810-2-380000/78031

Bank: PLC (Public Corporation) «Sberbank Rossii»

Correspondent Account: 30101810400000000225

(BIN) Bank Identification Number: 044525225

Registered office address: 115088, 2nd Yujnoportovaya street, 14/22, of. 8

Mailing address: P.O. Box #33, Moscow, Russia, 129346